The Farm

* Burleson County * Local *

We raise our birds just east of Somerville on the pastures of a working cattle ranch.  Chicks are purchased locally and brooded in an enclosed barn for 2-3 weeks before being moved outside.  We are working to improve the infrastructure and pastures on the farm so that the birds have a wide range of native grasses, weeds and bugs. The chickens drink fresh well-water daily.


The People

Know Your Farmer * Know Your Food

Are you happy with store-bought chicken? I wasn't, so in 2014 I asked a friend if I could use his barn to raise a few broilers. I wanted full control over all aspects from feed to slaughter.

After harvest I immediately noticed that the raw meat smelled 'fresh' compared to store bought. It roasted nicely and retained a full 'chicken' flavor.  Plus the bone broth made the most savory, hearty soup.

I was sold. This was the wholesome, high- quality chicken I wanted for my family and my dinner table.
I offer the same high-quality, wholesome chicken to my neighbors.


The Chickens

*Grass * Bugs * Sunshine * Non-GMO * Non-Soy *

Day-old chicks are brooded in a fully enclosed barn until they develop enough feathers to protect themselves from the weather.   At approximately three weeks old, the young birds are moved outside.  Instead of living in a large, confined barn, or crammed into small cages, our chickens live outside in movable shelters. Think of them as bottomless chicken coops.  They are protected from predators, yet can graze on green grass, scratch in the dirt, and hunt for bugs. Daily relocation to fresh pasture also means the birds don't sit on their own waste.

Fresh pasture though doesn't meet all the nutritional needs of the birds, so we also provide a peanut-based,  NON-GMO, NON-SOY feed ration from a local, Texas mill (Texas Legacy Feeds™).


The Harvest

* Humane * Harvest by Hand *

After approximately eight weeks, the broilers are taken to the USDA-inspected poultry processing facility maintained by Cobb Creek Farm in Hillsboro. The chickens are harvested by hand in a humane manner to Texas Meat Safety standards.  Our birds are not sanitized in bleach before packaging

Due to changes in Texas state law, some on-farm processing is now allowed for small producers.  Meat that has been harvested on-farm will be clearly identified from the labeling and packaging.  

My Commitment to You


I will use grass, fresh air, and sunshine to grow the best chicken I can for my family and for your's. I will use humane management practices and respect the chicken as a chicken rather than medical antibiotics or vaccines. I will not knowingly use GMOs or soy products. 


I will honestly answer any question a customer has, before or after purchase, to ensure they are getting exactly the product they want. I will provide all information needed to give you confidence in your purchase.​


I will increase access to healthy, wholesome food in my community.